The Celebrity Memorabilia Index

Welcome to The Celebrity Memorabilia Index update for January 2023.

Each month we analyse global internet search volumes and present figures in a '3 monthly' and 'Year-on-Year' table to indicate whose memorabilia is popular and whose isn't.

We combine this data with worldwide auction price realisations to determine average prices for a very fine grade 10" x 8" signed photograph, or (for more historic items) a signature on card, as a benchmark figure for the index.

January 2023 update:

With Steve Jobs listed as the world's most valuable autograph we decided to research all the known examples of his autograph and have compiled the definitive list of Steve Jobs' autographs. 

We found there are just 19 examples known to exit

And Tiger continues to march.

Following the sale of his first professional hole-in-one golf ball for $186,000 collectros are now going crazy for the score card that accompanied the round.

Find out more.

The five best performing autographs:

  1. Kobe Bryant +11.76% to £950
  2. Tracey Emin +8.89% to £245
  3. Rory Mcilroy +8.7% to £125
  4. Harry Styles +7.14% to £375
  5. LeBron James +7.14% to £375

The five worst performing autographs:

  1. Kim Kardashian -25.00% to £60
  2. Jeff Bezos -23.08% to £50
  3. Mark Zuckerberg -23.08% to £50
  4. Volodymyr Zelenskyy -22.22% to £1,750
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo -20.69% to £115

The 5 most valuable autographs:

  1. Steve Jobs £37,500 (+4.17%)
  2. Stephen Hawking £21,000 (+/- 0.00%)
  3. Albert Einstein £20,000 (+/- 0.00%)
  4. Jim Morrison £17,500 (+/- 0.00%)
  5. Jimi Hendrix £17,000 (+3.03%)

Overall index performance:

The index closed +0.05% up in January 2023

2022 update:

The five best performing autographs of 2022:

  1. Volodymyr Zelenskyy +1,890% to £1.995
  2. Queen Elizabeth II +41.43% to £4,950
  3. Camilla, Queen Consort +28.39% to £995
  4. Elon Musk +25.00% to £1,250
  5. Harry Styles +20.00% to £300

The five worst performing autographs of 2022:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo -36.67% to £95
  2. Greta Thunberg -25.00% to £75
  3. Justin Bieber -16.67% to £125
  4. Nelson Mandela -14.39% to £595
  5. Usain Bolt -14.04% to £245

The 10 most valuable celebrity autographs of 2022:

  1. Steve Jobs at £30,000 (+7.14%)
  2. Stephen Hawking at £20,000 (0.00%)
  3. Albert Einstein at £19,500 (-2.5%)
  4. Jim Morrison at £18,500 (+2.78%)
  5. Jimi Hendrix at £16,500 (3.13%)
  6. Bruce Lee at £15,000 (+7.14%)
  7. Mahatma Gandhi at £12,500 (0.00%)
  8. Bob Marley at £11,000 (+10%)
  9. Apollo 11 at £7,750 (+3.33%)
  10. James Dean at £7,750 (+3.33%)

The index closed +3.60% January 2022 - December 2022.

    December 2022 update:

    Another great month for Tiger Woods golf memorabilia with the golf ball he hit to score his first professional hole-in-one at the 1996 Great Milwaukee Open selling for a remarkable $186,000 at auction in the USA.

    Tiger Woods signed golf ball $186.000
    Image: Heritage Auctions Tiger Woods golf ball sells for $186,000


    Genuine Tiger Woods autographs are now up 16% in value this year with no signs of stopping as one of his famed 'red-shirts', signed by Tiger, worn on the last day of his 2010 Masters victory is currently at auction with bidding at $49,248, still with 9 days till the auction closes. 

    Our December observations: 


    • +234% interest in British Artist Damien Hirst in the last 3 months
    • +232% interest in British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the last 3 months
    •  +65% increase in value in Elon Musk autograph year-to-date
    • +18.18 increase in value in David Bowie autograph year-to-date


    • -55% interest in Princess Diana memorabilia in the last 3 months
    • -45% interest in Tom Cruise memorabilia in the last 3 months
    • -27% decrease in value in Jeff Bezos autograph year-to-date
    • -11.3% decrease in value in Bob Dylan autograph year-to-date

    Overall Index performance:

    The index is +7.34% in value YTD.

    November 2022 update:

    British Royal Memorabilia continues to dominate the Index in November, following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

    King Charles leads the way with search volumes going through the roof resulting in his autograph increasing in value by 95% this year.

    October saw the first Royal Memorabiiia auction sales since the Queen's death with a lithographic print of one of Charles' artworks selling for a remarkable £5,738 against a £400 estimate.

    These prints were readily available at auction for just £270 in 2017, so are showing a 2,025% increase in value in just 5 years. 

    Our November observations:  

    Following his recent retirement interest in Roger Federer is +72% in the last 3 months and 398% YTD, yet his autograph value has dipped 8.57% this year, down from £175 to £160.

    One can argue the case he is the GOAT in the tennis world.

    Whilst tennis memorabilia remains pretty much unloved we have seen a huge increase in interest in golf memorabilia this year with Tiger Woods' autograph +26.67% YTD to £1,900.

    So there is plenty of upside to Federer's memorabilia if you're brave enough. 

    Other figures of note over the last 3 months include:


    • Princess Diana +809% search interest over the last 3 months
    • Prince Harry +648% search interest over the last 3 months
    • Roger Federer +398% search interest over the last 3 months
    • Elon Musk +75% increase in value YTD
    • Harry Styles +30% increase in value YTD
    • Elvis Presley +26.32% increase in value YTD 


    • Jeff Bezos -27.78% in value YTD
    • Greta Thunberg -25% in value YTD
    •  Justin Bieber -23.33% in value YTD

    Overall Index performance:

    The index is +6.90% in value YTD.

    Historical updates:

    October 2022 update:

    The September update highlighted Tiger Woods as one to follow and sure enough Tiger's Scotty cameron putter broke auction records, and exceptional performances elsewhere with Tiger's solo signature selling for $5,704 at

    Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II; October shows Royal Memorabilia performing well with Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla and Kate Middleton (Princess of Wales) all making the list of the 10 best performing autographs year-to-date.

    Conversely Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are both in the 10 worst performing autographs with price drops of 28.57% and 11.43% YTD respectively. 

    Our October observations: 

    Harry Styles memorabilia: The most searched celebrity on our own website, +18% in value YTD, +22% search interest over the last 3 months and +123% YoY. We think he has it all and recommend you stock up. This is actually a very rare autograph. Beware the majority of fakes on sites like eBay.

    Other figures of note over the last 3 months include:


    • Mike Tyson +123% search interest over the last 3 months
    • Kobe Bryant +83% search interest over the last 3 months
    • Princess Diana +82% search interest over the last 3 months
    • Queen Eizabeth II +42.86% increase in value YTD
    • Tiger Woods +30% increase in value YTD
    • Harry Styles +18% increase in value YTD and 123% search interest YOY


    • Paul McCartney -76% search interest over the last 3 months
    • Meghan Markle -28.57% in value YTD
    • Justin Bieber -16.67% in value YTD

    The Index:

    The index is +6.34% in value YTD.

    September 2022 update:

    Following his recent death Charlie Watts has proven to be the most searched name over the last 3 months with search volumes increasing by 1,561%, and showing a YoY increase of 1,258%

    In 2nd place is his Rolling Stones colleague Mick Jagger with a 397% increase in interest over the last 3 months, and a YoY increase of 307%.

    Tennis player Roger Federer is 3rd, also with a 397% increase in interest over the last 3 months, but showing a YoY decrease of -55%.

    Our observations:

    Load up on Rolling Stones memorabillia; especially group signed photos & memorabilia, and individual items relating to Charlie Watts and Mick Jagger,

    Other figures of note over the last 3 months include:


    • Buzz Aldrin +83% following Sotheby's Buzz Aldrin: American Icon auction
    • Ex-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson +307% following his resignation
    • Golfer Tiger Woods resurgance showing +82% over 3 month and +172% YoY.


    • Jeff Bezos -33% interest over 3 months and -87% YoY
    • Lionel Messi -33% interest over 3 months and -70% YoY
    • Prince Harry -18% interest over 3 months and -55% YoY 


    Adrian Roose


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