10 of the most valuable pieces of Albert Einstein memorabilia

Albert Einstein was one of the most brilliant and influential physicists of the 20th century, and his work revolutionized our understanding of the universe.

His legacy has also led to a demand for his memorabilia, with many items selling for high prices at auction.

From handwritten letters to scientific instruments, here are 10 pieces of Albert Einstein memorabilia that have sold at auction: 

1. Einstein's Princeton University Diploma

In 2017, Einstein's Princeton University diploma sold for $187,500 at auction. This diploma is particularly special because it was awarded to Einstein in 1921, the same year he won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

2. Einstein's Letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt

In 2002, a handwritten letter by Einstein to President Franklin D. Roosevelt urging him to pursue atomic weapons research sold for $2.1 million at auction. This letter is one of the most famous documents in 20th century history, and it helped pave the way for the Manhattan Project.

3. Einstein's Personal Camera

In 2018, a camera owned and used by Einstein sold for $125,000 at auction. The camera is a Leica IIIf, and it includes a signed photograph of Einstein using the camera.

4. Einstein's Violin

In 2018, Einstein's violin sold for $516,500 at auction. Einstein was an avid musician and enjoyed playing the violin in his spare time. This violin is a rare example of Einstein's personal interests and hobbies.

5. Einstein's Pocket Watch

In 2008, Einstein's pocket watch sold for $525,000 at auction. The watch is a Longines and was given to Einstein by a friend in 1930. The watch is engraved with Einstein's name and includes a handwritten note from him.

6. Einstein's Manuscripts

In 2017, a collection of Einstein's manuscripts sold for $2.9 million at auction. The manuscripts included handwritten notes and calculations related to Einstein's theories of relativity and other important scientific discoveries.

7. Einstein's Pipe

In 2008, Einstein's pipe sold for $11,000 at auction. Einstein was known for his love of smoking a pipe, and this item is a unique piece of his personal history.

8. Einstein's Letter to Eric Gutkind

In 2018, a letter written by Einstein to philosopher Eric Gutkind sold for $2.9 million at auction. The letter includes Einstein's thoughts on religion and his own beliefs about God and the universe.

9. Einstein's Writing Desk

In 2002, Einstein's writing desk sold for $88,000 at auction. The desk is a unique piece of Einstein's personal history and includes a drawer with his signature and a label with his name.

10. Einstein's Scientific Instruments

In 2018, a collection of Einstein's scientific instruments sold for $1.3 million at auction. The instruments included a compass, a prism, and other items that Einstein used in his research and experiments.

These 10 pieces of Albert Einstein memorabilia are just a few examples of the valuable items associated with his life and work that have sold at auction.

With his enduring legacy and influence on science and culture, his memorabilia is sure to remain in high demand for years to come.

About your Author:

Adrian Roose has over 30 years’ experience covering all aspects of the rare stamp & memorabilia industry during which he has sold over £50m of unique items, helping build collections for Royalty, household name celebrities and 1,000s of collectors around the world.

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