10 of the most valuable pieces of Steve Jobs memorabilia

Steve Jobs was one of the most innovative and influential figures in the tech industry, co-founding Apple Inc. and leading the company to success with products like the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Due to his immense impact on the industry, items associated with him have become highly sought after by collectors.

Here are 10 of the most valuable pieces of Steve Jobs memorabilia that have sold at auction:

1. Apple I Computer:

One of the earliest computers designed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the Apple I, sold for $375,000 at a 2019 auction.

2. NeXT Computer:

After leaving Apple in 1985, Steve Jobs founded NeXT, a computer company that produced advanced workstations. A NeXT Computer signed by Jobs sold for $365,000 at a 2017 auction.

3. Signed First Issue of Macworld:

The first issue of the popular Macworld magazine was signed by Steve Jobs and sold for $47,775 at a 2018 auction.

4. Autographed Business Card:

A business card belonging to Steve Jobs, signed by him in black ink, sold for $6,000 at a 2017 auction.

5. Leather Bomber Jacket:

Steve Jobs was known for his signature black turtlenecks and jeans, but he also occasionally wore a leather bomber jacket. One of his jackets sold for $22,400 at a 2016 auction.

6. Lisa Computer Mouse:

The Apple Lisa, a precursor to the Macintosh, featured a unique mouse design. An original Lisa mouse, signed by Steve Jobs, sold for $16,250 at a 2018 auction.

7. Apple Watch:

One of the first Apple Watches, given to Steve Jobs as a gift, sold for $42,500 at a 2019 auction.

8. Macintosh Plus:

The Macintosh Plus was a popular computer released in 1986. A Macintosh Plus signed by Steve Jobs sold for $28,125 at a 2013 auction.

9. Apple II Manual:

The Apple II was one of the earliest computers produced by Apple, and a rare manual signed by Steve Jobs sold for $7875 at a 2013 auction.

10. Autographed Pixar Poster:

After leaving Apple, Steve Jobs acquired the animation studio Pixar and turned it into a major player in the movie industry. An autographed poster for the Pixar film "A Bug's Life" sold for $1,600 at a 2014 auction.

These 10 pieces of Steve Jobs memorabilia are just a small sample of the many items associated with him that have sold at auction.

With Jobs' continued impact on the tech industry, it's likely that more items will be offered in the future, and collectors will continue to be interested in acquiring pieces of his legacy.

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