VHS tape auction sees record $75,000 price for Back to the Future tape

It's a new one for us, and a new one for Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas who have just completed their first VHS tape auction.

Ed - explanation for the youngsters please:

VHS tapes (Video Home System) were a popular way of viewing movies at home in the late 1970's and 1980's, creating the home movie industry. Tapes were played on VCRs (Video Cassette Recorders), before VHS tapes were replaced by DVD systems.

Ed - DVD systems? Explanation for the youngsters please... oh forget it, we're way too old...

Heritage's very first VHS memorabilia tape auction, with 260 tapes up for grabs, has raised an incredible $584,750, attracting 598 worldwide bidders.

Now you may want to take a seat for this... The star item was a shrink wrapped copy of the 1986 blockbuster Back to the Future starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, and Einstein the dog of course.

The tape was consigned by actor Tom Wilson who had played the part of Biff Tannen in the film, and sold to a bidder from New York for a world record price of $75,000.

Heritage Auctions Back to the Future VHS tape sells for $75,000
Image: Heritage Auctions

$75,000 for a VHS video tape from 1986. Wow.

The tape included a note from Wilson reading: “This is a VHS tape of the first release of Back to the Future, sent to me by the studio at that time. Since I knew that the VHS platform would be around forever, I saved it for later and now I can’t find a VCR. Oh well. Enjoy!”

By our reckoning the previous record price was $32,500 paid for a copy of 1984's The Terminator movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, sold by ComicConnect in Februray 2022.

Other lots from Wilson's collection included a sealed copy of Back to the Future II which sold for $16,250 and Back to the Future III which sold for $13,750, and a copy of the 1990s trilogy box set that sold for $10,000. 

Other fantastic results include a Beta copy of 1985 The Goonies which sold for $13,750 after opening at $4,300.

Heritage Auctions The Goonies VHS tape
Image: Heritage Auctions

Whilst a VHS copy of the Goonies made $50,000 as it featured the desirable white wraparound Warner HV Watermark.

A copy of 1983 Jaws beairng the iconic poster image opened at $13,500 before selling for $32,500.

Other VHS auction highlights included:

  • A first VHS release of 1984's Ghostbusters sold for $23,750
  • A 1982 Rambo First Blood which sold for $22,500
  • A 1984 Star Wars also sold for $22,500
  • A 1984 The Empire Strikes Back went for $12,500
  • An original 'Diet Pepsi' promotional 1986 Top Gun sold for $17,500

The moral of the story... Run to your attic immediately, we're looking for 'sealed' VHS tapes.

This is getting us all nostalgic. How about you?

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Hello! I came across your article about the record-breaking auction price for a VHS tape of “Back to the Future” and found it to be quite interesting.

It’s amazing to see the nostalgic value that VHS tapes can hold, and how it can translate into such high prices in auctions. The fact that this particular tape sold for $75,000 is truly remarkable and a testament to the enduring popularity of the movie.

It’s also interesting to consider how the rise of digital media has impacted the value of physical media like VHS tapes. While they may no longer be the primary way of consuming media, they still hold a certain charm and value for collectors and enthusiasts.

Overall, your article is a great example of how physical media can hold sentimental and monetary value, even in the digital age. Thanks for sharing this fascinating story!

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shirley feldman

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