Ultra rare J.D. Salinger autograph for sale at PBA Galleries Auction

An ultra rare J.D. Salinger autograph is up for sale in the latest PBA Galleries auction, with a starting bid of just $2,000.

J.D. Salinger autographs hold almost mythical status...

If you remember when actor Nicolas Cage wooed his wife-to-be Patricia Arquette, she set him a series of 'impossible' challenges to find a wedding dress from a Lost Tribe in South East Asia, a black orchid (they don't exist, so he sprayed a purple orchid black), and a J.D. Salinger autograph.

The autograph offered by PBA is on a typed letter with a measuring 11 inches x 8 inches, and is boldly signed by Salinger.

JD Salinger autograph for sale at PBA Galleries
Image: PBA Galleries


The letter was written to Gary Peraino, the principal of Alaiedon Elementary School in Michigan, with Salinger recommending one of his friends to be employed as a teacher:

"Mrs. Bonnie B. Good... has asked me if I might be willing to send you a few comments in the way of a character reference. I do so with great pleasure. Mrs. Good was a neighbor, friend, and general all-around helper and companion/tutor to my children for several years. I know her to be a most remarkably resourceful, intelligent, kind, affectionate, high-principled person, a thoroughly ideal sort of person to offer instruction and guidance to young children, and I am happy to recommend her to you without reservation."

The auction has a second handwritten Salinger letter with a starting bid of $7,500.

In that letter Salinger writes to budding authoress Rose Ellen Currie informing her of his recent marriage.

This letter is expected to sell for between $15,000 and $25,000.

You can follow the auction at PBA Galleries.

The Holy Grail for Salinger collectors is of course a signed copy of The Catcher in the Rye.

It's been reported that Salinger was resentful of friends selling signed copies of the books that he had gifted them, for profit, so he signed very few.

One book, addressed to his childhood friend Charles Kirtz, and signed 'Sonny Salinger' (JD's childhood nickname) sold in 2022 for £225,000.

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