Steve Jobs and Apple memorabilia auctions

It’s always fascinating to watch an auction house establish itself as the experts in a niche field, as RRAuction are with Steve Jobs and Apple memorabilia.  

Graham Budd in London would be our go-to for horse racing memorabilia.

Henry Aldridge without a doubt the experts in Titanic memorabilia.

East Bristol Auctions for Mahatma Gandhi memorabilia.

And now RRAuction are becoming the go-to place for hugely popular Steve Jobs and Apple Inc memorabilia.  

RR have had some incredible pieces and stunning successes in the last couple of years.

In March 2020 they were consigned with an original, and fully functioning, Apple-1 computer complete with all its original components and accessories. The computer had also featured on the popular TV show Pawn Stars, but we think everyone was suprised when it sold for $458,711.

Original Apple-1 computer sold by RRauction for $458,711 

Image: RRAuction

That single sale established RRAuction as the place to head to if you had interesting Steve Jobs Apple Inc memorabilia for sale.

And so it proved in August 2021 when RRAuction offered an exceptionally rare Steve Jobs signed Apple II manual with the handwritten inscription "Your generation is the first to grow up with computers. Go change the world!"  

Apple Manual signed by Steve Jobs

Image: RRAuction

This fantastic piece of Apple memorabilia sold for $787,484.

At the same sale RRAuction offered a 1976 Apple Computer cheque signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The cheque was payment to Kierulff Electronics for parts for the Apple-1 computer.  

Apple cheque signed by Jobs and Wozniak sold by RRauction for $163,923

Image: RRAuction

Dated 15th July 1976 for $3,730 the cheque sold at RRAuction for $163,923. 

Off the top of our heads we can't think of a more expensive signed cheque to appear at auction. (A $130 cheque paid by Detective Comics to buy the rights to publish Superman sold for $160,000 in 2012).

And now RRAuction has 12 more pieces of Apple memorabilia coming up for sale in August 2022. 

Items include signatures from Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but also an interesting signature from Ronald Wayne.

Wayne is famously the 'Pete Best' of Apple Inc, having sold his 10% shareholding back to Steve Jobs for $800 after just 12 days with the business.

At the time of writing, with a $2.2 trillion market cap, that 10% would be worth $220 billion.

Other items include an Apple desktop bus mouse II signed by Steve Wozniak, and various floppy discs and Apple paraphenalia signed by the Apple founders.

Bidding on some items starts at just $200 making giving all collectors the opportunity to get involved in this fast evolving market.

Well worth a look at

In November 2022 Julien's Auctions in Losa Angeles, better known for Hollywood memorabilia, got in on the Apple act when they auctioned an old  pair of Steve Jobs' Birkenstock sandals for an astonishing $218,750.

We say 'astonishing' as the same pair of sandals last sold for just $2,000 at auction in 2016. A 10,837.5% increase in value in 6 years


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