Rare golf memorabilia to be sold at Mullocks Auctions


We've been writing about the increased interest in golf memorabilia for a few weeks now, with record prices being paid, especially for Tiger Woods memorabilia.

Any increase in interest generally leads to new collectors entering the market, and ultimately showing an interest in the history of the sport.

So whilst we are advising our readers to load up on Tiger Woods memorabilia we'd also say to keep any eye out for any unusual historical pieces as we believe they will be in great demand in future years. 

With that in mind we thought we'd highlight this fantastic piece of golf memorabilia that we've discovered hidden amongst Mullocks Auctioneers 774 lot golf and sporting memorabilia auction on 29th September.

Dunlop golf ball advertising aid
Image: Mullocks Auctioneers


This is a Dunlop lattice golf ball advertising aid plus two golf posters circa 1932.

The original owner of the item was paid 8 shillings a day in the 1930's to walk around Scottish Championship courses with the over sized golf ball strapped to his head, whilst wearing the sandwich poster boards advertising winners of competitions who had used Dunlop golf balls.

Dunlop golf ball advertising aid
Image: Mullocks Auctioneers


The advertising aid was last used during the 1933 Open Championships at St. Andrews.

The two sandwich board posters promote Mr W.J. Branch the winner of the 1932 West of England Open and Mr B. Hodson the winner of the Yorkshire Evening News 1000 Guineas tournament.

The golf ball measures 19 inches high while the posters are approximately 22 inches by 18 inches each. 

Mullocks estimate the lot will sell for £800 - £1,000.  

You can follow the Auction at Mullocks Auctioneers.



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