Perfectly round chicken egg for sale on eBay: A true one-in-a-billion opportunity

A chicken called Twinksie (Cute name), from Oxfordshire, has laid an almost perfect spherical round egg, in what experts say is a one-in-a-billion event.

Round chicken egg auction on Ebay
Image: eBay


The egg weighs in at 62 grams and has an almost 16cm circumference.

Twinksie’s owner Annabel Mulcahy, and her daughters Olivia and Emily, are keeping the egg safely in their kitchen fridge and auctioning it on eBay to raise funds to purchase an Omlet Walk Run for their existing chicken coop, so they have the extra space to rescue more chickens.

Any additional funds will be donated to the British Hen Welfare Trust, from where the Family adopted Twinksie.

Bidding for Twinksie’s round egg is currently at £13, and with 6 bids so far it's getting egg-citing. You can check out the auction on Ebay here.

Believe it or not round chicken eggs can sell for big bucks.

In 2015 a chicken called Ping Pong, described as the ‘Scarlet Johansson of the chicken world’, laid a whopper that sold on eBay for £480, attracting 64 bids in the process, for her egg-static owner.

And in June 2017 another spherical chicken egg, sold for £102, although in that case the chicken decided to remain anonymous. The seller of the egg described the result as ‘egg-cellent’.

But the figures pale in comparison to the most expensive eggs ever sold.

The record price for an egg belongs to a now extinct Elephant Bird from Madagascar.

Elephant bird eggs are the largest eggs laid by any animal, bigger even than dinosaur eggs.

The egg-squisite 31cm tall egg sold for £122,500 at Christie’s in April 2014, smashing it’s £30,000 estimate.

Legend has it Christie's described the result as egg-ceptional.

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