Johnny Depp Edward Scissorhands memorabilia at auction

The Propstore's latest auction features over $9m of movie memorabilia including the insert hand used by Edward Scissorhands which is expected to sell for $50,000

The scissor like fingers were used in the famous scene where Edward (Johnny Depp) uses his hands to sculpt an ice angel for Kim (Winona Ryder). 

The auction description reads:

"The hand-fabricated metal blades on this hand were originally created as mold masters; the molds made from them were used to produce the urethane blades Depp wore throughout the film. The practical SFX team then took the metal blades and built them onto the pole-rig for use in insert shots of the blades actually chopping things such as ice."

Edward Scissorhands for sale at the Propostore
Image: The Propstore

This right handed insert hand consists of a rubber, resin and leather glove mounted on one side of a T-shaped metal armature to a wooden base measuring 36" x 36" x 24".

You can bid here. The auction ends on June 21st.

Update: sold for $81,250


A pair of Edward's scissorhands consisting of leather and nylon gloves adorned with prop scissors, knives, cutting shears and pliers for 'fingers,' previously sold at Christies in 2001 for $28,200 against an estimate of $4,000 - $5,00

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