Babe Ruth baseball memorabilia to be sold at Louisville Slugger Museum Auction

Head over to Hunt Auctions in Exton, Pennsylvania for the 19th Annual Lousiville Slugger Museum and Factory live auction on November 12th for 402 lots of fantastic baseball memorabilia including a Babe Ruth signed glove..

The auction will take place at the Slugger Museum, a museum and factory tour based in Lousiville which showcases the history of the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats.

In case you didn't know the Museum is rated the 7th most popular visitor attraction in Louisville...  

The famous Louisville bats dominate baseball memorabilia sales records with 6 of Babe Ruth's sluggers appearing in the 10 most expensive pieces of baseball memorabilia.

And it's Babe Ruth who looks like the star of the auction.

Lot 132 is a Babe Ruth signed baseball dated to 1921-1925, with a $5,000 - $7,500 estimate.

Babe Ruth signed baseball at Hunt Auctions
Image: Hunt Auctions


The ball has been signed by Ruth with additional signatures from Wally Schang and Fred Hofman, and is sold with a letter of authenticity from JSA, with bidding currently at $3,465.

One star item is Lot 139 known as The Hollywood/Altman Babe Ruth signed baseball, named after famed dealer Rich Altman of Hollywood Collectibles.

Hollywood/Altman Babe Ruth signed baseball
Image: Hunt Auctions


The ball was one of three balls that Babe Ruth signed for a group of US Naval Officers in the 1940's, subsequently purchased by Rich Altman.

Widely considered to be one of the finest known examples of a Babe Ruth signed baseball, it has an estimate of $100,000 - $300,000 with the bidding currently at $80,526.

If you're new to collecting then Lot 141 perfectly sums up the difference that 'quality' has on price.

Babe Ruth signed baseball at Hunt Auctions with £2,500 estimate
Image: Hunt Auctions


Although still a rare item, you can see this Babe Ruth signed baseball has a faded signature - the 'Babe' part largely worn away - hence the estimate of $2,500 - $5,000, and a current bid of just $1,331.

The auction description rates the autograph just 3/10 for the 'Babe' section and 7/10 for 'Ruth', while the Hollywood/Altman ball (above) is rated a total 8/10.

In total there are 10 Babe Ruth signed balls in the auction. Babe's agent, Christy Walsh, once claimed babe signed over 5,000 baseballs during his 21 day tour of the US with Lou Gehrig in 1927.

A rarer item is Lot 143 a 1927-1930 Babe Ruth professional model baseball glove where the current bidding is at $194,872.

Babe Ruth baseball glove auction
Image: Hunt Auctions


The only known, authenticated, Babe Ruth glove was donated by Babe's family to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

So Lot 143 is only the second genuine Babe Ruth known to exist. The provenance states the glove comes from the personal collection of ex Major League player Jimmy Austin. 

To put that into some baseball memorabilia perspective, as we mentioned above there are up to 5,000 babe Ruth signed baseballs floating around, there are approximately 10 known Babe Ruth baseball hats from the Yankees, Braves and Dodgers, and just 6 Babe Ruth New York Yankees jerseys known to exist.

But just 2 gloves... and one is in a Museum. That's the kind of rarity that excites a collector.

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