10 of the most valuable pieces of Thomas Edison memorabilia sold at auction

Thomas Edison was one of the most influential inventors in history, known for his innovations in the field of electrical engineering and his contributions to the development of the modern world.

As a result, memorabilia related to Edison is highly sought after by collectors.

In this blog post, we take a look at 10 of the most valuable pieces of Thomas Edison memorabilia that have been sold at auction.

1. Edison Stock Ticker:

The first commercially successful stock ticker, invented by Edison in 1869, was sold at auction in 2012 for $112,500. This ticker was used to transmit stock prices over telegraph lines and revolutionized the financial industry.

2. Edison Light Bulb:

One of the most iconic inventions of Thomas Edison was the incandescent light bulb, which transformed the way we live by bringing electric lighting to the masses. A working example of one of Edison's early light bulbs sold at auction in 2016 for $30,000.

3. Phonograph:

Edison's invention of the phonograph in 1877 revolutionized the music industry, allowing for the recording and playback of sound. A rare example of an early Edison phonograph, made in 1889, sold at auction in 2013 for $25,000.

4. Edison Kinetoscope:

The kinetoscope was an early motion picture device invented by Edison in 1891. An early example of the kinetoscope, made in 1894, sold at auction in 2018 for $23,750.

5. Edison's Lab Notes:

Edison kept detailed notes on his experiments and inventions, which have become valuable collectibles. A notebook filled with Edison's lab notes, including drawings and calculations, sold at auction in 2016 for $21,250.

6. Edison's Watch:

Edison was known for his strict work ethic and often worked long hours in his laboratory. His pocket watch, which he used to keep track of time, sold at auction in 2017 for $16,250.

7. Edison Stock Certificate:

Edison was a successful businessman and founded several companies, including General Electric. A rare stock certificate for Edison's Electric Light Company, signed by Edison himself, sold at auction in 2013 for $13,000.

8. Edison's Office Chair:

Edison spent countless hours in his office, developing his inventions and running his businesses. His desk chair, which he used for many years, sold at auction in 2016 for $12,500.

9. Edison's Letter Opener:

A small but significant piece of Edison memorabilia, his letter opener was used to open correspondence related to his inventions and businesses. His silver letter opener, inscribed with his initials, sold at auction in 2015 for $7,500.

10. Edison's Business Card:

Edison's business card, which he used to promote his various companies and inventions, is a rare and valuable collectible. An original example of Edison's card, featuring his name and a list of his companies, sold at auction in 2014 for $5,000.

Thomas Edison memorabilia is highly prized by collectors, and the items on this list offer a fascinating glimpse into the life and work of one of the most influential inventors in history.

From his iconic inventions like the stock ticker, light bulb, and phonograph, to personal items like his pocket watch and office chair, these pieces of memorabilia demonstrate the far-reaching impact of Edison's work and his lasting legacy in the world of innovation.

These ten pieces of Thomas Edison memorabilia sold at auction for thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, demonstrating the enduring interest in this legendary figure and his impact on the world.

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Adrian was previously a Director at Stanley Gibbons, a Board Member of Stampex, and Executive Director of Paul Fraser Collectibles, PFC Auctions and JustCollecting, prior to founding The Memorabilia Club.

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