Two newly discovered Steve Jobs autographs to be offered at RR Auctions

Two newly discovered Steve Jobs' autographs are being offered at RR Auctions 16th March 'Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution' sale. 

First up is an Apple computer check, signed by Jobs, to the Elmar Electronics Company for $13.86.

Steve Jobs signed Apple check at RR Auction
Image: RR Auction


The check bears the original 'Apple Garage' address at Jobs' parents home in Los Angeles.

The check is dated March 19th 1976, making it the 2nd earliest known Steve Jobs autograph after the 1973 signing on a job application.

Elmar Electronics were an electronics distribution warehouse so the check was presumably written as payment for component parts for the Apple-1 proto-type.

The autograph shows Jobs' signing characteristics of the continuous 'steve' and ‘jobs', both in lower case, plus the open 'b', and the extended tail to the 's' of jobs which is a feature in his early and later life signatures.

This is a really fantastic example of Steve Jobs' signature and  bidding is currently at $21,200 at the time of writing (15 bids), with 10 hours of bidding left.

The second item is an integrated circuit from an Apple II plus computer signed by Jobs in 1983.

Steve Jobs signed computer chip
Image: RR Auction


This is accompanied by a typed letter from Jobs stating, in part: "Hope you enjoy the chip—an Applesoft ROM.", after an Apple enthusiast had asked him to "Send me an autographed integrated circuit chip and I’ll hang it on my office wall!!"

It's a neat little autograph showing the same characteristics of continuous 'steve', 'steve' and 'jobs' all in lower case, with the open 'b' to jobs and the extended tail to the 's' of 'jobs'... but wth the 'b' of 'jobs' slightly obscured as it extends into the darkness of the chip.

Bidding for the signed chip is currently at $14,479 (11 bids).

You can follow the sale at RR Auction.

These two latest discoveries bring the total number of known Steve Jobs' autographs and signatures to 21. With the most valuable being the $479,939 paid in 2021 for the now legendary 'I don't sign autographs' signed letter.

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