The Celebrity Memorabilia Index update December 2022

Welcome to The Celebrity Memorabilia Index update for December 2022.

Each month we analyse global internet search volumes and present figures in a '3 monthly' and 'Year-on-Year' table to indicate whose memorabilia is popular and whose isn't.

We combine this data with worldwide auction price realisations to determine average prices for a very fine grade 10" x 8" signed photograph, or (for more historic items) a signature on card, as a benchmark figure for the index.

December 2022 update:

Another great month for Tiger Woods golf memorabilia with the golf ball he hit to score his first professional hole-in-one at the 1996 Great Milwaukee Open selling for a remarkable $186,000 at auction in the USA.

Tiger Woods signed golf ball $186.000
Image: Heritage Auctions Tiger Woods golf ball sells for $186,000


Genuine Tiger Woods autographs are now up 16% in value this year with no signs of stopping as one of his famed 'red-shirts', signed by Tiger, worn on the last day of his 2010 Masters victory is currently at auction with bidding at $49,248, still with 9 days till the auction closes. 

Our December observations: 


  • +234% interest in British Artist Damien Hirst in the last 3 months
  • +232% interest in British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the last 3 months
  •  +65% increase in value in Elon Musk autograph year-to-date
  • +18.18 increase in value in David Bowie autograph year-to-date


  • -55% interest in Princess Diana memorabilia in the last 3 months
  • -45% interest in Tom Cruise memorabilia in the last 3 months
  • -27% decrease in value in Jeff Bezos autograph year-to-date
  • -11.3% decrease in value in Bob Dylan autograph year-to-date

Over Index performance:

The index is +6.90% in value YTD.


About your Author:

Adrian Roose has over 30 years’ experience covering all aspects of the rare stamp & memorabilia industry during which he has sold over £50m of unique items, helping build collections for Royalty, household name celebrities and 1,000s of collectors around the world.

Adrian was previously a Director at Stanley Gibbons, a Board Member of Stampex, and Executive Director of Paul Fraser Collectibles, PFC Auctions and JustCollecting, prior to founding The Memorabilia Club.

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