Signed pack of Apollo Soyuz Cigarettes to auction at University Archives

A pack of Apollo Soyuz Cigarettes, signed by mission crew members Alexei Leonov, Deke Slayton and Valeri Kubasov, is up for auction at University Archives with an estimate of $200 - $300.

Apollo Soyuz signed cigarette pack for sale at University Archives
Image: University Archives


The Apollo Soyuz Cigarettes were manaufactured by Philip Morris to commemorate the Apollo Soyuz space mission, the first crewed international mission with crew from the USA and the Soviet Union in 1975.

The cigarettes went into production in July 1975 with over three-billion sold in the USSR over a five year period before they were withdrawn in 1980.

The Apollo Soyuz crew consisted of five members, three of whom have signed the pack,

Alexei Leonov was the Commander of the mission, Valeri Kubasov the Flight Engineer and American Deke Slayton was the docking module pilot.

The ciigarette pack measures 2.25" x 3.5" and still contains three of the original 20 cigarettes.

The provenance states the cigarette pack is from the collection of Anatole Forostenko, who worked as an interpreter on the Apollo-Soyuz mission.

The Univiersity Archives auction is offering a number of entry level pieces of space memorabilia including an invitation ticket to the launch of  Apollo 11, numbered 68.

Apollo 11 launch ticket auction at University Archives
Image: University Archives


These tickets to the launch are increasingly rare and the ticket has already surpassed it's estimate of $300 - $400, already gaining 11 bids at $475.

And fresh from the success of his Sotheby's space memorabilia auction there is also a very nice Buzz Aldrin signed and inscribed Moonboot footprint photograph.

Buzz Aldrin signed moon footprint photograph auction
Image: University Archives


The moonboot photograph was famously taken by Buzz Aldrin himself on July 20th 1969, and this copy measuring 24" x 20", is signed by Buzz in blue pen with a handwritten "Buzz Aldrin | Apollo XI July 20, 1969".

The estimate is $400 - $500 with bidding currently at $225.  

View the full auction at University Archives


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