Ronald Reagan Air Force One putter heads to auction

A golf putter once used by President Ronald Reagan aboard Air Force One is to be auctioned with a starting price of $5,000.

Ronald Reagan golf putter

Image: RRAuction

The Spalding TPM6 putter was passed to Reagan by William Martin, a special assistant to the President, after a putting matt had been rolled out on Air Force One on a flight to the 1985 Geneva Summit where Reagan was due to meet Mikhail Gorbachev face-to-face for the first time.

Ronald regana practicing putting on Air Force One

Image: RR Auction

An impromptu putting competion commenced at 30,000 feet that was dubbed 'The Trust but Verify' Opem.

The putter is to be auctioned with a letter of provenance from Robert McFarlane, President Reagan's National Security Advisor, who was present on Air Force One at the time.

Find out more about this great piece of presidential golf memorabilia at RRAuction.



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