Rares.io offers fractional ownership with collectible sneakers

Forbes recently described collectible sneakers as one of the fastest growing areas of alternative investments, and now you buy fractional ownership with new memorabilia platform rares.io.

Founded by Gerome Sapp, rares.io is offering investment opportunities in rare sneakers, by merging his two passions for the stock market and sneakers to create a platform to invest in sports shoes.

rares.io fractional sneakers

The platform aims to take the knowledge of it’s thousands of ‘sneakerheads’ to offer a social marketplace where other users can feed off their expertise and learn about investing in sneakers.

Sapp's has so far raised $4m in funding for tech development and future sneaker purchases.

The main focus will be on the limited edition shoes made by Nike and Adidas. Rares.io will purchase the shoes and then list shares of the shoes for sale in its secondary marketplace.

The shoes range in value from hundreds of dollars to many millions.

rares.io are currently offering shares in the most expensive sneakers sold at auction, the legendary pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototypes designed by Kanye West, that sold for $1.8m in 2021.

Rares are currently offering these for sale by way of 72,000 fractional shares at $25 each.

Rares retains a shareholding in each pair of shoes sold as a show of commitment to other investors.

Shareholders can ultimately sell their shares to other investors or earn a return when Rares sell the shoes to a private collector.

Sapp has built the platform to cater for people of all ages and demographics to diversify their investment portfolio.

Jay-Z Nike collaboration sneakers - Rares.io

Other items in the Rares collection include a pair of iconic All-Black-Everything sneakers designed by Jay-Z and Nike, for the World Basketball Festival in 2010 with 2,000 shares available at $15 each.

1985 Air Jordan black sole - Rares.io

And don't miss the opportunity to buy into a truly unique pair of Air Jordan's. The 1985 Air Jordan 1 with black sole. The only known pair in existence. Pretty special. There are 2,500 shares available at $16 each.

Find out more at www.rares.io


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