Original Titanic site navigation plans sell for £19,450

Belfast based On The Square Emporium have auctioned a set of original site navigation plans from RMS Titanic for £19,450. 

According to auctioneer Justin Lowry, the plans, which may once have been onboard the Titanic,  were found in a Harland & Wolff tradesmans box and passed to a descendent of Robert Falconer Keith, than man who launched the Titanic,

Titanic navigation plans sell at auction
Image: On The Square Emporium


The site navigation plans show the full profile of the 269m Titanic and were originally given to employees of the shipyard so they could find their way around the massive ship.

As the Titanic was yet to be named, there is no ships name on the plans.

According to the auction house the plans were purchased by an Australian collector.

Titanic memorabilia is hugely desirable, in April 2022 a badge belonging to Roberta Maioni, who worked as a maid to a first-class passenger, fetched £68,000 at auction.

Even Kate Winslet's famous red dress from the Titanic movie sold for $330,000.

Our favourite item remains the key to the crows nest locker where the binoculars were stored. The key sold for £90,000 in 1997.

Second Officer David Blair had been transferred to another ship at the last minute and had mistakenly taken the key with him, leaving the Titanic's lookouts without access to binoculars.

At the official enquiry into the sinking of the Titanic Fred Fleet, a lookout explained that had binoculars been available the iceberg would have been spotted much sooner, and "enough to get out of the way". 

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