John Lennon Transcendental Meditation letter expected to sell for £8,000

28th March sees Omega Auctions offer 170 pieces of Beatles memorabilia in their 'Beatles Collection' sale.

One of the star lots is a handwritten letter by John Lennon in which he responds to a fan's question regarding transcendental meditation.

The letter is dated September 6 1967 and was sent from Lennon's home Kenwood, in St George's Hill in Surrey.

John Lennon letter for sale at Omega Auctions
Image: Omega Auctions

The letter reads in full:

"Dear Caro,

You don't have to wait for our new Academy - you can start right away. - S.R.M. Foundation Movement. 20, Grovesnor Place, London, SW1.

If there is a nearer place they will tell you - I only have the one address - but i know there are quite a few around Britain.

You are right about rest of the flower people but they'll find out. I can't help you personally - maybe (possibly 'some') later date - but this is the place we are learning at.

Love John x"

Lennon's letter is being sold with a letter of provenance from the vendor stating how he, aged 17, wrote to Lennon to find out where he could study transcendental meditation and was amazed when he received a handwritten reply. 

The letter is being offered by Omega Auctions with a £7,000 - £12,000 estimate.

You can follow the auction here:

Previous letters from John Lennon discussing his thoughts on transcendental meditation have sold well with Christie's achieving £9,400 for a letter back in April 2011.

That leter was written by Lennon whilst studying meditation under Maharashi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh, India.

John Lennon meditation letter sells at Christie's Auctions
Image: Christie's


In the letter Lennon discusses his belief in the powers of meditation and epxlains to the recipient that people do not need wealth in order to travel the world... they need inititative.

Just 2 months later Christie's sold another letter in June 2011 for £12,500.

This was a more initimate letter, also written from his home at Kenwood, and again responding to a fan's questions about transcendental meditation.

John Lennon handwritten letter sells at Christie's Auctions

Image: Christie's


"We have been lucky in meeting Maharishi - but his method is simple enough to be taught by the teachers he has taught further advising We are continuing our 'lessons' with the English teachers and I suggest you get in touch with them and find for yourself a nice bit of inner peace."

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