George Harrison's 'Got My Mind Set On You' guitar to auction for $100,000

The guitar used by George Harrison to record his solo on the extended mix of 'Got My Mind Set On You' is being auctioned by Gotta Have Rock and Roll in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey with an estimate of $100,000 - $150,000.

George Harrison's Got My Mind Set On You guitar to auction for $100,000 
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The guitar is a red Hamer proto-type electric guitar which Harrison has signed on the back in black sharpie.

Harrison played the guitar during a recording session at the Village Recorder in Los Angeles in 1987. His guitar solo was used on the extended mix of Got My Mind Set On You that was released in Europe.

Harrison has arrived at the Village Recorder without a guitar, and with non available he borrowed the Hamer proto-type belonging to Jeffrey Gilbert, a sound technician at the studio, before autographing the back and returning the guitar to Gilbert.

The auction description states that this is the only guitar that has been both used on a recording, and signed by, George Harrison.

The signature is superb and the guitar is in very fine condition.

The item is being sold with a letter of provenance from Jeffrey Gilbert and also a letter from handwriting expert Frank Caiazzo confirming the signature to be genuine.

There is also a letter from recording studio engineer Bill Bottrell detailing Harrison’s studio session and his belief that this session was the formation of The Travelling Wilburys (Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty) quoting Harrison’s comment “Yeah, I guess we’re have a group or something”.

In October 2020 a Bartell fretless guitar belonging to Harrison, and played by John Lennon, sold for $237,562 at a Bonhams auction, after being valued on the Antiques Roadshow at $500,000.

While in May 2014 a 1962 Rickenbacker 425 on which Harrision recorded I Want To Hold Your Hand, just a few months before Beatlemania took off in the US, sold for $657,000 at Juliens in their New York sale.

In December 2004 Christie's auctioned a 1964 Gibson SG standard guitar played by Harrison from 1966 - 1969 at varous gigs and the recording of the Revolver album, and then subsequently played by John Lennon on The White Album. 

The guitar was on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in Clevedon, Ohio before selling at Christie's for $567,500.

Full lot description at Gotta Have Rock and Roll.


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