Darth Vader's Star Wars: A New Hope gloves to auction for £250,000

We're happy to call this as the biggest memorabilia auction of the year so far. The 3rd November Propstore auction includes 1,500 pieces of memorabilia expected to sell for £11m in total, with Dave Prowse's Darth Vader gloves one of the star attractions with a £150,000 to £250,000 estimate.

Darth Vader's Star Wars: A New Hope gloves to sell at Propstore auction
Image: The Propstore


The gloves have been screen matched to the 1976 Star Wars: A New Hope movie.

The mid-length black leather gloves feature horizontal quilled stripes running to the knuckle, and have been screen matched to particular scenes in the move including when Darth Vader throttled Captain Antilles, and when Darth Vader and Princess Leia come face to face.

It is believed that a single Darth Vader costume and this single set of leather gloves were used to film the movie and all publicity photos, making the item incredibly rare.

The gloves were last sold by Bonhams in December 2019 when they were sold from the collection of Bryce Kermit Eller who was employed to wear the Darth Vader uniform during publicity events to promote the movie.

Bonhams sold the gloves for $47,575, which was approximately £35,000 at the time.

It's been a remarkable year for Star Wars movie memorabilia, and A New Hope in particular, following the sale of an original screen matched Red Leader X-Wing fighter model that sold for $2,375,000 against a $500,000 estimate in June 2022, again at the Propstore.

And Han Solo’s A New Hope blaster sold for $1,057,000 against a $500,000 estimate, once more, at the Propstore.

So just two things to remember.

If you own original Star Wars movie memorabilia; 1. you're in the money, 2. head to the Propstore.

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