Concorde active flight service memorabilia sells at auction

Dukes Auctions in Dorchester have sold a pair of Concorde cabin seats for £950 plus premium, a total £1,235.

Complete with titanium runners, the seats had been removed from the plane during a renovation in 1985.

Concorde seats sell at Auction
Image: Dukes Auctions


The seats, measuring 115cm x 110cm, had been expected to sell for £2,000.

Following the Air France Concorde crash in July 2000, in which 109 passengers and crew were killed, plus four on the ground, the mystique of Condorde was destroyed and Air France grounded their aircraft in May 2003.

Air France then held a Concorde memorabilia sale and auctioned 219 lots via Christie’s in Paris, raising £2.3m.

However since then, and excuse the pun, Concorde memorabilia has “never truly taken off” in value, and the most expensive items remain the iconic nose cones.

Specialist auction house Humbert & Ellis sold an 11ft long nose cone for £63,000 in 2018.

Humbert & Ellis also sold seats 1c and 1d, used by Princess Diana, and Sir David Frost for £2,000.

Other notable Concorde sales include an original hostess cabin trolley complete with interior trays that sold for £5,000 in 2002.

If you have an interest in Concorde memorabilia then the items that have had ‘active flight service’ are the most sought after.

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