Christopher Reeve's Superman costume to auction for £250,000

The Propstore Auction has announced it’s upcoming November 3rd 2022 Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction will include the Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeve in the four Superman movies between 1978 and 1987.

Christopher Reeve's Superman suit to auction at The PropStore for £250,000
Image: PropStore Auction


The Superman suit will carry an estimate of £250,000 - £500,000.

It is part of a bumper auction of 1,500 pieces of memorabilia expected to sell for £11m in total.

The Superman costume comprises the blue nylon tunic with the Superman logo in red and gold, a cape, trunks, belt, leggings and boots.

The tunic also features the original film wardrobe label reading "CHRISTOPHER REEVE NORMAL 18628 SUPERMAN 3". 

Of interest are the red trunks which feature a yellow leather belt with the tag "CHRISTOPHER REEVE Harness 15129 SUPERMAN II " with hook and bar closures.

Superman's cape features holes at the bottom in-to-which rods were inserted to give the illusion Superman was flying.

The whole ensemble is presented on a bespoke mannequin display featuring a painted lifecast of Christoper Reeve's head and body.

Given the delicate nature of the mannequin display the lucky winning bidder is asked to arrange specialist delivery

Quite frankly a fantastic piece of memorabilia which must be in the top 10 of movie images of all time, so we would not be surpised to see the estimate smashed.

By way of comaprison, in December 2019 Juliens Auctions in Los Angeles sold the original 1978 Superman cape for $193,750.

The cape had originally been given away as first prize in a 'movie contest' that featured in the 1979 Superman #331 comic book, and included a letter of provenance from DC Comics President Sol Harrison.


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