2007 'new in box' iPhone sells for $35,414

A 'new in box' iPhone from 2007 has been sold for $35,414 by RR Auction in the USA. 

Original Apple iPhone sells for $35,000
Image: RR Auctions


The unopened first generation original Apple iPhone's original box featured a life-size image of the phone showing a phone screen with twelve icons meaning it is a 2007 edition iPhone as the iTunes icon, the 13th icon, only appeared on screens later in 2007.

In Steve Job's keynote speech to launch the iPhone he said  "iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone,"

Collectors clearly agreed with the iPhone easily surpassing its $15,000 estimate, selling for $35,414 including auction fees.

It's been a remarkable year for Steve Jobs and Apple memorabilia with Jobs' original Apple Computer A proto-type selling for $677,196, and a cheque signed by him selling for $55,000 against an estimate of $25,000. 

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